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5.0 star rating

The best massage around for ANY body!!

I have lived in the Bay Area for almost five years now and have looked for a massage therapist since I got here.....I will look NO FURTHER :O) Lindsay is leaps and bounds above the rest. She will spend time with you finding out what your activity level is, how your nutrition is and what your goals are for your massage. She makes sure that you understand it is YOUR massage. Some people what deep tissue, others just want to relax and reflect. Lindsay is a Clinician, she wants to use her talents to help you heal. It doesn't matter if you are a guy that works on a computer all day and has issues with your low back and shoulders (like my husband), if you are like me and spend so much time at the gym and at work that you need the kinks worked out so you can keep going, or if you are a pregnant mom that needs to release a little pressure on your body, the list goes on. She can do it all.

I have been working really hard at getting healthy and suffered an injury in the gym that might have derailed everything. Thanks to Lin
dsay, I was only out of the gym for a week (any longer and my routine would have been shot!). Best of all she offers great packages and specials so a mother of four like me can take advantage of her amazing service. I have lost 30lbs now and I don't think it would have been possible without her magic hands!!

Thank you Lindsay, Keep up the GREAT work!! :O)

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5.0 star rating

This was a fabulous experience and Lindsay MacInnis she gave me such a great prenatal message and alot of advice on streatching. I totally recommend this place to anyone!

Kerry W.
Campbell, CA

5.0 star rating

Being pregnant at age 39 was a surprise.  A very different experience than my first pregnancy 10 years ago. I felt like I was 100! My joints hurt, my feet were swollen, I was miserable.  Lindsay was amazing!  She addressed all my aches and pains, made suggestions on how to stay more comfortable in-between massages, and referred me to an acupuncturist and chiropractor who specialize in women's health. 

Being pregnant had stirred up a previous horseback riding injury; I was having a lot of low back and tail bone pain. She was quick to admit that massage may not be the most efficient way to relief and referred me to her own personal acupuncturist. I've been getting massage for years and have never had such personal detailed service.

I really appreciated all the information she shared with me on my first visit.  I found it very refreshing how open she was about her own pregnancy at age 40.  I felt so good after our session I signed up for a Pregnancy Thrive package of 10 sessions - which she allowed my husband and I to use toward a Couples Massage Workshop where she taught my husband some techniques to safely keep me comfortable up to my due date. 

Before finding The Mommy Spa I went to Harmony Birth Resources, Burke Williams Spa and Spa Los Gatos - who all offer pregnancy massage but none of them addressed my issues or even cared if they did.

If you want a silent foo foo massage go to one of those places.
If you want relief and results I highly recommend Lindsay at The Mommy Spa!   

I had a natural drug free delivery thanks to the relaxation techniques Lindsay taught me and my husband.  Because of the relationship we developed over the last 3 months of my pregnancy, Lindsay came to our home 2 weeks after the birth of our daughter to teach us infant massage.  This is one family who is happy to have found our family massage therapist.   Thank you Mommy Spa!

San Francisco, CA

5.0 star rating

Lindsay was great! My husband and I decided to take her couples prenatal massage class and we absolutely loved it! She's very knowledgeable and made us feel right at ease with her expertise in working with pregnant women. It's a no frills massage that works, unlike those other places that charge twice as much for a massage that's relaxing, but doesn't help with the achy-ness that comes with pregnancy. 
I've already booked my next massage session and am looking forward to it!

San Jose, CA

5.0 star rating

I love Lindsay's massages. I recently began training again for some upcoming races and the nagging spots in my legs ALWAYS resolve after having massage with Lindsay. I know her specialty is pregnancy, but she does great work with anyone! Her prices are very reasonable and I'm happy to send my own practice members to her as well!

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Mountain View, CA

5.0 star rating

I have now gone to the mommy spa with both of my pregnancies and it was been so worth it both times.  I found Lindsay to be someone you can feel very comfortable around and she really knows pregnant women.  While there I was able to get more comfortable then I have felt in weeks/months.  Afterwords I have felt so much more relaxed and not the discomforts that have been bothering me recently.  She is also wonderful about leaving you with suggests to try to help with some of your aches and pains outside of the massage as well.  The atmosphere is very laid back, but I find that to be wonderful for me trying to relax.  I highly recommend going to see Lindsay if you are pregnant.


a night of loving making to create a baby = simple
having to deal with a pregnant wife = not so simple

Not to say my wife is difficult but she's had her moments and well deserved.  Now well into her third trimester my wife has started to feel sore and minor pain.  All of which is normal but I don't want to have to deal with massaging her everyday, I get tired too :)

I wanted to surprise my wife with a little R&R. This is where the Mommy Spa came to mind. I spoke to Lindsay, the owner, and she was super nice. I wanted to make it super stress free so I took care of everything so that all she had to do was show up and get pampered.  Lindsay took care of everything over the phone and set my wife up with Ruth who is an Associate Therapist on staff. I called the same day and I was able to book an appointment that evening.  When it was over my wife said she felt great. She said that Ruth was awesome. Before the massage they went through a series of questions to make sure my wife was ok for a massage.  I guess when your pregnant you can't just get any message due to pressure points among other things. All I know is that it was just what my wife needed as she looked very relaxed and wasn't complaining about being sore or any pain. I know that is only for the meantime so I will be calling to set up another appointment next month which I'm sure my wife will be happy about. If my wife is happy..then I'm happy =)

Thanks Mommy Spa!

Online Reviews from Merchant Circle

The Mommy Spa does more than massage for mommys

I love the massages I have received from Lindsay. Her studio is lovely and inviting and feels like an oasis. I have chronic shoulder pain and when I come and get a massage from Lindsay, they are much better. She understands how important muscle balance is to joint stability and her technique works. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

April 05, 2009 by Anonymous

Best Massage Therapist Ever!!!! We love Lindsay at the Mommy Spa, she's the best massage therapist ever!!! Lindsay is a highly professional massage therapist well versed with all the intricate nuances of the body as well as various massage techniques such as deep tissue, Swedish, and pregnancy. She offers massage services to both men and women alike, which is great for my husband and I. We highly recommend Lindsay at The Mommy Spa for all your massage needs, AAA+++ all the way.

Thanks so much Lindsay, our bodies never felt better. 

August 18, 2008 by Natale's Auto Repair

Every Mommy NEEDS a little pampering. Lindsay is AWESOME. As a mother of 3, I know the importance of taking time for self. If you are a new mommy-to-be or a seasoned pro you deserve a massage. When you are pregnant you don't realize the places that you can feel aches and pains. Lindsay is knowledgeable, caring and a genuine gem.

Tricia AllenVoted #1 Best Day Spa  #2 Best Massage
Tricia Allen Photography
Real Life...Real Moments...Real People

August 12, 2008 by Tricia Allen Photography

Reviews from SF GATE/BAY LIST

Excellent place for a Family Massage

All of us, Mom , Dad and Grand-Parents took the 1 hour therapetic massage. 

All of us enjoyed the relaxing massage and came out rejuvinated. 

I would recommend this place to all newly "grown" families!

sachinpc  May 4, 2009


Have you ever experienced a ‘hot stone’ massage?  If not – do yourself a favor and experience one from Lindsay.  She is expert in this work!  I have several areas that can be problems for me: shoulder and rotator cuff, low back and sacrum issues, and knee pain (I’m going for not having knee replacement.) She knows how to deal with each issue, therapeutically and intuitively.

And those ‘hot’ stones – “Oh what a Blessing they are everyplace she uses them – which I’ve noticed is more than my back. “She is a genius in her work!

Lindsay also specializes in pregnancy massage (hence the name The Mommy Spa) as well as working with people who have cancer.  

It is no accident she won the Woman-Owned Business of the Year Women’s Initiative award this year.

JoyceAnne Pierce  - YES! I CAN Succeed    San Jose, CA      October 2009

*  *  *

Wow!  The Mommy Spa! I wasn’t even aware of how uncomfortable I was, until my legs and feet were physically “consoled” by their exec. therapist.  I was more than halfway thru my twin pregnancy; my small frame was carrying quite a load. Lindsay was visiting us in our new home in Michigan.  She recognized immediately where I was hurting.  She offered to “do what she does” and give me a mini massage before she left. 

Understand, I was a skeptic, but did not want to turn down the opportunity.  The relief was almost immediate. The advice she offered, after a line of clinical questioning, improved my ability to function through the duration of my pregnancy!  I swear, when I talk about it, I can hear my legs and feet thanking her.

A busy but thankful mommy says two thumbs up to The Mommy Spa! ~ Karen F. from Detroit, Michigan

 *  *  * 
I became Lindsay's client when I was about 3 months pregnant with my first pregnancy. She helped with the aches and pains of  pregnancy immensely. My pregnancy was very smooth and easy - a lot that credit goes to Lindsay.

Lindsay conducted a few massage sessions with my husband observing and showed him some techniques to help relieve soreness in my lower back, as well as techniques to keep me from retaining water in my legs. Lindsay saw me all the way through my pregnancy and treated me postpartum as well.

Lindsay's pre-natal and post-partum massage therapy has been invaluable to me. I would definitely seek her services again when and if I become pregnant again.
Victoria Liou-Dompe Pacifica, California

 *  * *
When scheduling the infant massage class for my Las Madres mothers group, Lindsay was easy to work with and flexible on time and location. She was well prepared with illustrated handouts & sample massage oils for us to use on our babies. The diagram of pressure points was of particular interest to me. We went over the benefits of touch to our babies and how we can build their self-esteem with positive affirmations. Different massage techniques were demonstrated and I learned what worked best for me. The class was great. I look forward to using what I learned to grow a nurturing bond with my son.
Katie Stubstad, San Jose, California

 *  *  *
On Tuesday, my friend Julie and I had a wonderful opportunity to attend an infant massage class in Los Gatos. The class was taught by Lindsay MacInnis of The Mommy Spa.

Lindsay provided each mom with a bag that included a bottle of Lavender & Chamomile Baby Rub™, a handout with pictures of massage instructions and a discount coupon for a massage at The Mommy Spa.

If anybody has questions or needs a bottle of Baby Rub™, Lindsay can be reached at
Katie – San Jose, California

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